Virtual Assistant Services


Invoice tracking, follow up
Stock management spreadsheets
Convention planning


Calendar management
Inbox management
Social Media
Online shop management


Content scripting
Newsletter management
Research support

Whatever your heart desires

Well… not really. But if there’s anything you are doing – or not doing – that you would like help with, let me know! This list is designed to be representative of the kinds of tasks I can help with, and is by no means exhaustive or exclusionary. The only thing I definitely do not offer is formal bookkeeping services; please contact a trained and licensed accountant with knowledge of the rules and regulations in your state/country for financial advice and management.

If you are interested in the services on offer, drop me a line through my Contact page or directly to to discuss what your needs might be, how I can best help, and how we can make it work to your budget. Rates are fully customised so you are only paying for what assistance you need, as you need it – no set minimum hours, and the flexibility to react to your own changes in income and workload.

There is absolutely no charge to talk through your needs and receive a quote, so get in touch today!