Who am I?

Hailing from New Zealand and currently based in the UK (via Australia and Ireland), I have 5 years experience in market research plus 6 years of retail sales and general administration experience, and an MA in Anthropology from the University of Canterbury, NZ.

What this means for you is that I have long-term experience in compiling and presenting information in clear and engaging ways, organising and analysing excel databases of all types, managing communications with everyone from government officials to general consumers, and a million things between. I’ve done everything from corporate email campaigns to multi-country research projects to office management and back again. I am reliable and adaptable, love to pick up new systems and technologies, and love to create order from chaos. My primary role in all of this is support – what I love more than anything is being able to support someone to reach their full potential, to provide the resources and backup they need to produce their best work to the world.

A full resume with references is available on request.

Outside of my work experience, I’m a dwarf fighter in a D&D 5e campaign, knitter, playlist addict, and absolute fan who is probably already following you on twitter and obsessively liking all your art and memes.