Why Creatives?

I love art and believe it is something to be strongly encouraged and supported – in whatever form it takes – and strive to give the best support I can to creators in my personal life, through sites like Patreon and Ko-Fi, commissions, online shops, convention tables, and at the very least boosting and publicly loving what you put into the world.

What I realised is that I am also in a unique position to be able to support this art and the creators directly through my own work, and feel that offering my services as a virtual assistant is the best way to do this. I love the passion and skill that goes into creating, but I also understand that it is a business – a livelihood – and with that comes a lot of necessary but often invisible background work, that can often be draining not only of time but also energy that could otherwise be devoted to furthering your vision.

I aim to offer a service that can help support you by identifying the tasks that are the most draining, difficult, tedious or stressful for you personally, and finding workable solutions. Whether regular ongoing support or task-based, time-crunch help, I can take these things off your plate and help you optimise your process so you can continue to create in the most effective, healthy, sustainable way possible. Like you, I want to devote my time to something I truly believe in, and make sure the world is filled with wondrous things – and I believe the best way I can do this is by lending my support to you.

Email me at nikihawes.va@gmail.com or use my contact page to get in touch and discuss how I can help today.